Holy Eucharist and 

Healing Service 

          Thursdays - 10 a.m.

Powerful & Active Christian Healing Prayer Ministry

Come see & experience the power of healing prayer

Talk with those who have experienced healing

Thursdays - Holy Eucharist and 

Healing service - 10:00 AM




While in silent prayer we come into Jesus' presence, we experience Jesus' compassion & healing.  

It's resting in the healing rays of almighty God (Hab. 3:4) Healing happens when we pray 

In silent meditative prayer, our prayers go deeper & reach the areas that need spiritual, emotional & physical healing. It can gradually 

(at times, instantly based on God's will) heal

sickness & bring health.

It's relaxing in the Lord's Loving arms

This state of relaxation can rid us of 

anxiety & stress & we can rely on 

God's profound healing grace gradually transforming us into a life of grace.  

You never know, unless God reveals it, 

how much healing can happen! 

As we pray, we are warmed with His love!

It is resting rather than striving.

It's the Holy Spirit's power that 

produces miracles!

It involves appreciation as we thank

God for expected healing.

 Through Meditative Prayer, blocks that we 

unintentionally create are removed by the 

Holy Spirit's power.

I would like to offer you a RELAXATION EXERCISE 

You do not have to participate if you don’t desire,

You can simply sit praying quietly, that’s just as good, this is simply a relaxation exercise.

           The Lord speaks to us, but we don’t always know how to listen.

Hearing from the Lord most often comes to you as an idea or just one word that you often think it’s just in your mind.

But when you ask a question of the Lord, he will answer in words or point you in the direction that is best for you.

I don’t know about you, but at times I want to do it my way, like Frank Sinatra.

           I invite you to pause your mind for a moment.

           Close your eyes if you are comfortable or keep them open,

Don’t think of anything else other than what Jesus has done for your lives,

If you prefer, very slowly repeat “Jesus” to yourselves,

Try to open yourselves to what the Spirit may be saying to you about Hospitality and listen,

Silently ask to whom you are being called to show hospitality and how.