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Fr. Hunter Elected Rector of St. Stephen's

At their meeting on March 15, the vestry unanimously elected Fr. Hunter rector of St. Stephen's.   

Wednesday, May 17, "Celebration of a 

New Ministry" service was held,  followed

by a reception in Telman Hall 

What it Means to be Rector

All of us rejoice that our Lord has called Fr. Hunter to serve this parish as the Rector of St. Stephen's and that the Vestry has confirmed this call by electing him.   There is no difference in what he does or how he does it, or that  he is "our priest".   The difference is this:   As Priest-in-Charge, he was called to serve and was appointed by Bishop Smith, therefore serving at the Bishop's pleasure.   As Rector, elected by your Vestry (not apponted by the Bishop), he will now serve St. Stephen's under the mutual bond between priest and parish.   This bond is not at the Bishhop's pleasure, but is a sacred relationship between the priest and the parish family. 

Upcoming Events at St. Stephen's

Card Party - Salad Luncheon

2nd Monday of every month October

through May

 Doors open 10:30 - Lunch at Noon

 Close 3:00 p.m.

 $7 per person - reservations required

 call 849-4330

ECW Fashion Show

Saturday, April 7 - 11:30 a.m.

Tickets are $15 - call 849-4330 for information.